All of our classes are fully coached from start to finish and can be tailored to any ability level. Whether you are a total newbie or a seasoned fitness enthusiast, we'll give you a great workout everytime you come to class!


This is our CrossFit class. A daily skill or strength element followed by a WOD (Workout of the Day). MetCon is our bread and butter and you'll find these classes every day throughout the week.
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Be the master of your own body. Build your gymanstics from the ground up - learn everything from the fundamentals to higher skill movements in this class suitable for all ability levels.
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Power, strength, speed & coordination. Develop these elements of your fitness in our fun and accessible weightlfting class.
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This triple WOD CrossFit class will test you! Consisting of multiple CrossFit workouts involving barbells, gymnastics, erg's, DB's, KB's and bodyweight movements. This class is open to all levels. However, CrossFit experience is recommended. Done RX, it will make event the most Elite make sweat angels and question their training plans.
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New to fitness? Get involved! WIT HIT classes are for everyone and offer an introduction to movements, techniques and equipment found within our speciality classes.
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Build your engine. Expect low to moderate weights and a sustained period of effort to help develop your cardio endurance.
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Personal training

Need some extra focus or support in your training? Whether you want to improve your movement, dial in on a specific skill, or just get some personalised advice. Spending 1:1 time with a Coach can be invaluable.
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Corporate sessions

Create a culture of sustained high performance, effective teamwork and energised input through a prioritisation of employee health. We can fulfil the wellbeing and fitness needs of your team, allowing you to get the most from your employees
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