Meet Hannah

"Whatever it takes!"

Hannah first got into gymnastics when she was 4. "I think at first my mum just wanted to tire me out. I never could sit still, but it quickly turned into something I loved!" She competed in Artistic Gymnastics (the type you see in the Olympics) at a national and international level, and also branched out into Trampolining and Power Tumbling. My final competition was in Bulgaria, at the 2013 World Championships, but gymnastics is still a passion of mine and it's left me with a pretty good range of party tricks.

She made the leap from a competitive GB gymnast and a Masters degree in Civil Engineering to pursue a career in CrossFit. Hannah started shadowing with us in Summer 2019 and is now a CF-L1 trainer working on creating solid bodies, rather than solid buildings.

Community is the reason she fell in love with CrossFit in the first place. She loves being around like minded people that take the time to invest in health. Her specialities are backflips, all things gymnastics and making GIFs of my own face.

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