Meet Noah

"Go one more in everything you do"

Before discovering CrossFit, Noah had an extensive sports background competing in most if not every classical sport. As a former amateur boxer and competitive OCR runner (that's obstacle course racing, not an obscure channel on TV), he embraced CrossFit as a pivotal strength and conditioning method to assist his training and fell in love with the methodology.

Noah takes pride in teaching the fundamentals in a detailed and easy-to-understand way so that even a goldfish would be able to nod with agreement. He also acknowledges the intimidation of starting CrossFit and that's why his main mission is to create an environment for newbies so they not only feel embraced but empowered to be in classes. Whether you're a fitness fledgling or a seasoned gym veteran, rest assured that your journey through CrossFit will be as smooth as a baby's bottom with us at WIT London - and just as rewarding.

If you would like PT with Noah please reach out to [email protected]

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