Meet Rhea

"Do the common uncommonly well"

Rhea has always grown up being surrounded by sports, but it wasn’t until she started her Sports Science degree that she realised she still wanted to do a bit of everything and was introduced to the world of CrossFit. For the past 7 years she has worked with a range of people from those with sports specific, to lifestyle to rehabilitation goals. Making sure that people enjoy the process and not just the outcome has been her number one priority because thats the most rewarding part, seeing how far someone has come.

Always wanting to stay one step ahead of the crowd and set the members up for best success, she has spent the past few years developing her knowledge and coaching skills which has led to her achieving the world renowned Certified CrossFit Trainer credential, joining the less than 1% of all CrossFit Trainers in the world.

Having a genuine interest in wanting to get the most out of people, by providing a welcoming atmosphere that is community based Rhea hopes to set people up for best success of their goals.

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