31st January 2023


John is one of the most dedicated WIT members we have come across, waking up at 4am to travel into WIT for the 6:30am class. Despite his early wake up call he still manages to show up on time and with a huge smile on his face. Since being a member with us John quickly received the title "Content King" capturing so many special WIT moments for us.

Let's get to know John a bit better...

1. What’s a training goal you’re currently working towards?My key goal for 2023 is to continue to progress with the community and hope to run like Dan Williams, handstand walks like Vic Gomm and muscle up like Philippe Aein.

Most importantly is to improve my endurance so I can get more amazing content like Sam Cornforth.

2. Most memorable moment at WIT so far?Every single second. The most memorable moment for me was being able to represent WIT in various competitions including Train4Ukraine, Bournemouth 7s, Southern Rivals and Battle Cancer.

3. What do you do when you’re not working hard in the gym?
I contribute to the ongoing pursuit of robust, sustainable and high-quality public infrastructure across Hampshire after the 6:30 am metcon. I also enjoy AMRAP making content and travelling to discover hidden gems in the UK.

4. What’s your favourite indulgence?Buns from home give you wings.

5. If you could give a new member one piece of advice - what would it be?
Don't be me and pace the workout wisely.
6. If you could write a workout for WIT, what would it be?

35AMRAP(Team of two, 1 filming and 1 working, swap whenever you want)

50 Partner wall balls 9/6kg
40 dumbbell snatch 22.5/15 kg
30 Toes to bar
20 climb over box10 Synchro burpee to bar
10 BMU
1 Selfie lap run

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