06th May 2023

JST Regionals - South East

Sign up for the JST Compete South East regional event being held at WIT London. 

Saturday May 6th 13:30pm-16:30pm.

This event is for all competitive CrossFit athletes, not just JST Athletes. WIT members get involved like last time! Coach Jess & Louis will be there to help everyone out and workout out with you.

Regionals is about creating informal accessible events for Competitive CrossFit athletes. When athletes come together in these environments, more knowledge is shared, encouragement is plentiful, the RBE effect happens, and new levels are reached! We know this from Super Saturdays and training days that we’ve held, We want to create more opportunities for this to happen in as many places as possible.  This is all about community, and we want it to be an accessible and inclusive event. Regions will go head-to-head on the leaderboard, and you can expect 3 scored events.

Turn up and represent the South East Eagles. We suggest you attend this event if you live in the counties of: Greater London, Surrey, Kent, Sussex, Oxfordshire, Berkshire, Hampshire, Isle of Wight

For further information, head to the JST Compete Instagram account @jst_compete or get in touch with the South East regional manager Jamie Boston or email Regionals director Jak Cornthwaite - [email protected]

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