31st May 2023

May Member of the Month

Laura first stepped through our doors in July 2021 and is a huge part of our community at WIT! Not only does she bring that smile with her to every 6:30am class but she also is our resident baker for our member Throwdowns, making the best chocolate truffles & brownies for all of us to enjoy.

Let's get to know Laura a bit better...

1. What’s a training goal you’re currently working towards? 

For my sins I’ve entered my first Hyrox in October and went for individual rather than pairs. My normal attendance at the 6.30am class will now be shifted to Thursday evening classes once a week for the next few months.Other than that I’m trying to do as many work outs as I can as close to RX and be consistent with my training. Age is catching up with me and so I know resistance training is even more important for my body than it’s ever been! 

2. Most memorable moment at WIT so far? 

This has to be my first Throwdown at WIT last summer. ‘The Mavericks’ gave the podium a good run for its money and came 4th in scaled. We also had great vests . It was such a fun day and meeting other members at WIT and enjoying the amazing community spirit was so much fun! 

3. What do you do when you’re not working hard in the gym? 

I’m a physiotherapist by qualification but moved into healthcare management last year. My body really doesn’t like sitting at a desk! I’m also a Pilates instructor and have my own Pilates business so run that and teach the odd class, and dabble in a wee bit of golf when I have time.  All the other usuals like socializing, family stuff, eating and drinking gin too.

4. What’s your favourite indulgence?

Mac and cheese at Hawksmoor. And a glass of red wine. I’m easily pleased! 

5. If you could give a new member one piece of advice - what would it be? 

Don’t be intimidated. These workouts can be adjusted for everyone and you won’t just get fitter and healthier through joining, the friendships you gain and the sense of empowerment you get from the classes is amazing! 

6. If you could write a workout for WIT, what would it be?

WOD - 30 minute running clock:
Mins 0-9: 3 lap run
Mins 9-24: Find a 3RM deadlift 
Mins 24-30: Max wall balls. Every time you stop/drop complete 5 burpees

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