Workout of the day


Tuesday 07/12

Skill of the day

Gymnastics - HSPU

EMOM x 10

10-15% of 5 minute HSPU test score

Options in difficulty order:

1. Strict HSPU

2. One ab mat Strict HSPU (Reducing ROM)

3. Box Piked HSPU

4. Piked HSPU

5. DB Z Press

Workout of the day

For Time (20min TC):

4 Rounds-

25 Sit ups

25 Wall Ball @ 9/6kg


4 Rounds-

50 Double Unders

25 Push ups

Today we have some simple bodyweight work to keep us chipping through the week. Handstand push ups should be progressing nicely, and look to keep up the quality while we build this volume. Then moving into the workout this should fire up the shoulders with all the wallballs and pushups!

Wednesday 08/12

Skill of the day

Strength - Snatch

EMOM x 10

1 Snatch + 1 Hang snatch @ 70-80 % 1RM SNATCH

Workout of the day

In Teams of 3 - In a 15 minute window:

Max distance Row, switch person every 250m

In the rest the person must complete 10 Down ups

Drills on drills on drills for the snatch today! If all is feeling smooth then look to go heavy for the complex, otherwise back off and work between those percentages. Then onto the workout with some simple intensity. With almost twice as much rest as work, this should give you a hint at the intensity that we'll be aiming for. Strap in!

Thursday 09/12

Skill of the day

Accessory work:

3 Rounds-

6 BB Floor press from rig

6 Pendlay Row

Workout of the day


2 Wall Walks

4/4 Single arm DB Hang cleans @ 1x22.5/15kg

8 Alt Goblet reverse lunges

Rest 2 minutes


10/8 Cal machine

10 Down ups

Rest 2 minutes

x3 sets

The Thursday mover is back! Today is all about aiming to work at an aerobic pace for this session. Try to keep a 6-7 RPE- this should be more than enough to get the blood pumping and moving.

Friday 10/12

Skill of the day

Bar MU Warm Up:

a) 2 rounds-

20 PVC Pipe hollow to arch

20m Walking lunge with hand swings OH

b) 3 sets-

10 Kip swings on the bar

10 Push ups

Rest 60s

Workout of the day

For Time (15min TC):

"Nasty Girls" at the bar

3 rounds for time-

50 Air Squats

7 Bar muscle ups (*Sc- 7 C2B/Pullups + 7 Pushups)

10 Hang power cleans @60/42.5kg

Rest the remaining time. From 15-20 minutes -

Build to heavy single Hang Clean

Maxing out after a workout is a staple of the CrossFit diet, so who's ready to hit some big numbers?! A classic benchmark to get us warm first, then after all your hard work on the muscle ups, it's then the time to show it all off! But you can't build to a heavy single until the 15 minutes is up.

Saturday 11/12

Skill of the day

A) 2 Rounds:

30s Dead hang hold

8/8 Single arm RING row

B) 3 sets-

8/8 DB Bent over row @ 2 x 22.5/15kg

30s Hollow hold

Rest 60s

Workout of the day

AMRAP 35 in Pairs:


C2B Pullups

Synchro DB snatch @22.5/15kg


Cal row

Synchro DB STOH @22.5/15kg


Burpee box jump overs @30/24"

Synchro DB Hang clean @22.5/15kg

Keeping things fun for todays workout with a nice pairs AMRAP! Still got the post comp blues? Well not to worry because we've added that synchro work back in so let's finish off this week on a high!

Sunday 12/12

Skill of the day


Every 3:00 minutes x 4

10 Alt. Single arm DB Bench into 10 DBx2 Bench Press

10 Alt Single arm KB Bent Over rows into 10 KBx2 Bent over rows

Workout of the day

For Time (15min TC):


Russian KB Swings @ 1 x 24/16kg

Goblet reverse lunges

Keeping things simple today, so if you are feeling the effects from earlier in the week back off the intensity and just get moving. Feel free to reduce the volume of the workout, if you are feeling it. We want you to be all guns blazing come Monday! For the strength piece we have single arm reps directly into double arm reps here. Pick your weaker movement, whether it's a push or pull and put that first!

For the alternating bench both arms are straight, lower one down and up before moving onto the other. SO one DB is always in a support position. Similar for the Bent over rows, one arm should be at full extension, while you pull with the other and alternate side.



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