Workout of the day


Friday 21/02

Skill of the day

Clean Deadlift | Strength Cycle

Workout of the day

- 5 min AMRAP
- 12/10 Cals Bike
- 30m front rack carry @ 22.5/15kg
- 1min Transition
- 5 min EMOM
- 10 Snatch @ 40/30kg + Remaining Time V-Ups

Saturday 22/02

Skill of the day

Book on to the 9am today to try our some Adidas Ultra Boosts in class!

Workout of the day


- 3 Rounds For Time:
- 400m Run (1 lap)
- 21 KB Swing @ 24/16kg
- 12 Pull Ups
- 3 minutes rest
- For Time:
- 50 Burpee box jump over
- 25' Running Clock

Sunday 23/02

Workout of the day

Happy Sunday. Speciality classes & open gym only today!

Monday 24/02

Skill of the day

Snatch Drills

Workout of the day

Our first ever Member of the Month WOD!


For time:


Row (Bike)

Power Clean @ 60/40kg

KB Swing @ 24/16kg



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